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Black Sheep Books is the adult imprint of the Albus Corvus children publishing house.

We wanted to expand our reading audience and decided to create a new independent imprint for adult books. We named this imprint Black Sheep Books because black sheep is the translation of the name of our main publishing house from Russian into English. This imprint is for books by top-ranked as well as forgotten classics, for serious modern literature, humoristic fantasy and crime stories, in other words for everything that makes us think, laugh, cry and be surprised.

We don’t want to limit ourselves and choose only one category of books or a strict concept of the imprint. We want to share with our readers the books we love ourselves. This is why the books by Black Sheep will be appreciated by everyone who likes good literature, regardless of the age, professional background or geographical situation.

Black Sheep walks in with an explosive mix of memoirs by Selma Lagerlöf, burlesque British fantasy by Mal Peet, long-awaited ecological thriller by Maja Lunde, first novel by Arthur Brügger about the oversupply of food and warm-hearted book by Michel Layaz about the life of a teenager in a foster home.


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